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How To Link And Connect Google Latitude With Foursquare

Thursday, November 18, 2010 | Labels: | |

How To Link And Connect Google Latitude With Foursquare

From Hubpages Tipswanita

I have problem to update foursquare using my Nokia Handphone (Still E71). Its still use Symbian S60. This are steps how connect my Google Latitude to Foursquare.

1) You have to create Google Profile like myself by visiting this link.

Example of Linuxmalaysia Google Profile :

2) You have to register with Foursquare

3) You have to activate Google Latitude by using Igoogle

Click on Igoogle Badge (Add Latitude to iGoogle)

and visit Igoogle page to set your location.

You must login with Gmail or Google account and set your location in Igoogle before doing the next step.

Set your setting

4) Activite update to your Google Talk and Gmail Chat

5) Login into your Gmail account and click on Google Buzz to make sure your setting in Google Talk and Gmail Chat status will update in Google Buzz

Select Connected Site and Add Google Chat Status

Visit this link for more information

6) Register yourself with Twitterfeed

Visit and register. You need to get RSS link for Google Buzz

Refer to this blog post

You need to create Feed that link to Hellotext account.

If you hit problem getting the RSS link. I have used Google Reader to find the right link.

and submit my Google profile link

by using Add A Subscription Button. Google Reader with auto detect the RSS link. Select Google Buzz Public Feed from the menu (left pane) and click Show Details (right pane)

7) Link Twitterfeed with Hellotext

Register yourself with

and add Foursquare as your Networks. You can add your Twitter or account if you want to.

Visit this blog post for more information how to link Twitterfeed with Hellotext

This is Linuxmalaysia Hellotext

You need to activite Apps for Twitterfeed in Hellotext by click Hellotext Applications link.

8) Test the Setup and download Google Latitude on Mobile

Test the Google Buzz by login into your Gmail account and click Google Buzz. If its work and your Google Buzz status update in your Foursquare you now can download Google For mobile Maps application.


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