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How To Download Our Information From Facebook

Friday, October 22, 2010 | Labels: | 0 comments |

How To Download Our Information From Facebook

Login your Facebook and click

Account -> Account Setting -> Download Your Information (learn more)

You will get this page :-

Download Your Information

Get a copy of the data you've put on Facebook.

This tool lets you download a copy of your information, including your photos and videos, posts on your wall, all of your messages, your friend list and other content you have shared on your profile. Within this zip file you will have access to your data in a simple, browseable manner. Learn More about downloading a copy of your information.


This is a copy of all of the personal information you've shared on Facebook. In order to protect your information, we will ask for authentication to verify your identity.

WARNING: This file contains sensitive information. Because this download contains your profile information, you should keep it secure and take precautions when storing, sending or uploading it to any other services.

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Replacing Blog Comments With Google Sidewiki Google Web Elements

Saturday, October 16, 2010 | Labels: , | 0 comments |

Im replacing my Google Comments with Google Sidewiki by using Google Web Elements

This will increase my blog viewer and traffics.

Google public location badge - Google Latitude For Your Website

Thursday, October 14, 2010 | Labels: | 0 comments |

For Google Latitude users , you can use Google Public Location Badge to show where you are. You need to register with Igoogle and use the Google Latitude above to register for Google Latitude. Select Apps tab and Google Public Location Badge can be configure.

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